Satish Chandra Samanta

Satish Chandra Samanta

Satish Chandra Samanta (1900 – 1983) was a freedom fighter and a Member of Parliament of India. At the age of 15 he was influenced by his guru, Swami Pragnanananda Saraswati and adopted the life of Brahmacharya and took up a life of serving the people.


He quit Shibpur Engineering College in his second year of study in order to fight for freedom of India from the clutches of the British. He started serving through the activities organised by the local branch of the Indian National Congress. Later, he became the president of Tamluk Congress Committee and remained an active congress member for decades. He was known for his leadership qualities and other constructive work. His leadership qualities could be observed during the formation of the National Government named Tamralipta Jatiya Sarkar in Tamluk during the Quit India Movement. This body was formed on 17 December 1942 and Satish looked after its functioning until his arrest in June, 1943.

In addition to his political work, he helped the people by participating in activities related to improving civic health. He organised and led activities like cleaning roads and choked-up ponds to prevent malaria, nursing cholera patients, organising free medical camps, training volunteers and spreading education and literacy in backward areas. After Independence, Satish Chandra Samanta remained as a Member of Parliament for more than three decades.


Satish Chandra Samanta

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