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Sat Okh ("Long Feather"), also known as Stanisław Supłatowicz (April 15 1920 in CanadaJuly 3 2003 in Gdańsk) was a Polish-Shawnee soldier and writer.

He was born and raised near Mackenzie river in North-Western Territory of Canada, to a Polish mother, Stanisława Supłatowicz, and a Shawnee Indian, chief of the tribe - Leoo-Karko-Ono-Ma (Tall Eagle). He was educated in tracking, hunting, living with nature.

Shortly before World War II in age of 16-17 he travelled to Poland with his mother. In 1940 he was arrested by the Gestapo, prisoned for over 8 months and sent to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. He escaped from the train and joined Armia Krajowa where he was known as "Kozak" (Cossack). During his underground military service he received Krzyż Walecznych for bravery. In 1945 he was forced by the communist government to take a Polish name and took the masculinized form of his mother's name "Stanisław Supłatowicz".

After the war in 1945 he was arrested and sentenced by the Polish Communist regime for belonging to Armia Krajowa. After being released he worked as a sailor and started writing books in Polish about his American-Indian heritage.

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  • Land of Salt Rocks" (1958)
  • White Mustang (1959)
  • Way to meet (in russian with Antonina Leonidovna Rasulova) (1973)
  • The emergence of man (1981)
  • Fort over Athabaska (with Yackta-Oya) (1985)
  • Sounds of Prairie" (1990)
  • The mystery of Beaver River (1996)
  • Chippeway's heart (1999)
  • Fighting Lenapa (2001)

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