Sarang Logistics

Sarang Logistics

Sarang Logistics co, Ltd. is a Korean logistic, shipping and truck shopping mall in automotive company, headquartered in Sinjeong-Dong Yangcheon-Gu Seoul, South Korea, and established in 1985. It is a Korea logistic your all van body and wing body truck delivery services. Business of truck work is based in Jangpung-Ri Daesan-Myeon Yeoju Gyeonggi-do. Sarang is the Korean language for "Love." and with membership sponsored by Korea Local Top Car Association (전국탑차연합회). by Korea logistics company similar in GLOVIS.

Sarang Logistics is well-known for its trucks, also known as cargo trucks in van body and wing body type vehicle. The Sarang name uses on its vehicles and uniforms is called Hyundai Motor Company, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, after the cargo truck which the local delivery systems. also operates its own commercial vehicle at van body and wing body delivers.

The CEO of "Sarang Logistics Co, Ltd." is No Yeong Taek (노영택).


  • 1985:Establish in Sarang Logistics.
  • 1989:Change your company, Starting at all agent living of social staff service.
  • 1990:Installation from wing body all vehicles, Starting at Korea local wing body total delivery service.
  • 1995:All agent open your TRS.
  • 1996:Over to 25 in 11 Ton wing body, Service open your GPS.
  • 1997:Over to 46 in 11 Ton wing body.
  • 1998:Over to 30 in 11 Ton wing body.
  • 1999:Member in complete chain by Korea Local Top Car Association.
  • 2000:Over to 29 in 11 Ton wing body.


  • Logistic - Company Cargo, General Cargo
  • Social Welfare
  • Telecommunication of mobile
  • Used Top Car in Truck Sales & Shopping Mall - Brand name is JG8949

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