Sanshui District

Sanshui District

Province: Guangdong
Prefecture: Foshan City
Population: 120,000
Postal Code: 528100
Area Code: 0757
License Plate Prefix: 粤 ET
Sanshui District
Area : 874 km²
Population: 386,000 (2002)
Population density: 442/km²
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Sanshui District (Chinese: 三水区; pinyin: Sānshǔi Qū), formerly Sanshui City, is a district with about 120,000 inhabitants in Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China. Sanshui comes under Foshan City.


Average temperature for January is 13 C, and average temperature in June is at 27 C. Annual precipitation is about 1700 mm.


Oil, coal, and slate are found in the surrounding area. However, Sanshui is an important producer of food for Guangdong Province, especially fruit. The mainstay of the former city's economy was the Jianlibao Company, which produced a soft drink made from oranges and honey. During the 1990s, Jianlibao was a popular drink throughout China and it even made it into the Hong Kong market. However, embezzlement by the company's senior management has turned it into but a shadow of its former glory. Despite Sanshui's proximity to Guangzhou and other Pearl River Delta cities, it remains a relatively poor place with many people only earning a few hundred yuan a month.


The neighbouring cities, counties and districts are Gaoyao, Dinghu and Sihui in the west, Qingxin and Qingyuan in the north, Huadu and Nanhai in the east and Gaoming in the south-west. The district is divided into 6 townships and 3 Street committees. Major localities within the county include Datang (大塘), Liuhe (六和), Leping (乐平), Nanbian (南边), Hekou (河口), Jinben (金本), Lubao (芦苞) and Baini (白坭).


Sanshui is on the railway line from Guangzhou to Maoming. The district is connected to other areas by the Guangzhou-Foshan-Kaiping, Guangzhou-Sanshui-Zhaoqing (part of the G324) and Xi Er Huan Expressways.

Fireworks Explosion

In February 2008, twenty fireworks warehouses exploded in Sanshui. In total over 15,000 cartons of fireworks were set off over a period of 24 hours. The death toll from the explosion in Sanshui has not been released by the Chinese government. The loss of inventory was extensive enough that U.S. markets faced real shortages of supply.

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