Sanshi Katsura

Sanshi Katsura

Sanshi Katura (In Kanji character : 桂三枝 ,In Hiragana : かつらさんし) is the most popular TV presenter and rakugo artist in Japan.

Sanshi's real name is "Shizuya Kawamura" (In Japanese,河村静也 or かわむらしずや),Sanshi Katura is a stage name with much honor.

Earlier years

Sanshi was born in the Higashi-ward ,Sakai, Osaka on 16th July,1943.He had lost his father in his childhood (mere a 11th-month baby),additionally had lost his mother-home after the ジェーン台風 in 1950.

However Sanshi is not blessed ,his struggle with much strategy and tactics had brought himself the success in artist's world.


Sanshi entered the Kansai University,the Faculty of commerce,from the graduation of Ishioka municipal commercial high school in Osaka city.

He immediately captured the rakugo-fan in Kansai University with advanced storyteller and humor,though he had no professional careers.

After finishing the education in the university,Sanshi gained his vocation in Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Splendid TV presenter

Having been broadcasted Sanshi's polite and sophisticated presentations as the master of ceremony,we have many his starrings in our memory.


(The free-participating style matching and marriage TV program in Kansai Telecasting Corporation and broadcasted from 1973 to 1985 with co-starring of Kiyoshi Nishikawa )
In Japanese we've heard the opening phrase in many times,Hito Me Atta Sono Hi Kara,Koi No Hana Saku Koto Mo Aru,Mishiranu Anata To Mishiranu Anata Ni,Date Wo Torimotu Punch De Date!

  • (Translation) : However we have no acquaintance each other,the matching will bring us the shot-gun-couples.The Punch De Date TV program makes the amazing matching!


(The free-participating style TV program with the starrings of honeymoon couples)
With Sanshi's original pitch and tone,the opening phrase "Eel-Ash-Eye"(In Japanese Eel-ash-Eye or Irassyai means "welcome to us") is his trademark.

Recent Activities

Sanshi is the board of Kamigata Rakugo Kyoukai (Rakugo artists and performers' Guild in Kansai region),and the director of Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Also he is the composer of the "Newly originated rakugo" (In Japanese "創作落語").Sanshi's art is still growing.He enjoys the professorship of his Kansai University as a guest professor,also one of the notable Alumni.

Sanshi School

Sanshi has many apprentices and they are acting as excellent performers with the stage name,"Katsura San-po,Katsura San-fu,Katsura San-patsu" and so on.

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