Sancho IV

known as Sancho the Brave

(born 1257—died April 25, 1295, Toledo, Castile) King of Castile and Leon (1284–95). The second son of Afonso X, he won the backing of nobles and military orders in his effort to gain recognition as heir, and he usurped the throne on his father's death. Sancho defeated an invasion of Andalusia by the king of Fès (1290) and won the support of Aragon by marrying his son to the daughter of James II. He depended greatly on his warrior-queen, María de Molina (d. 1321).

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known as Sancho the Cowled

(born 1207, Coimbra, Port.—died Jan. 4, 1248, Toledo, Castile) Fourth king of Portugal (1223–45). His reign was marked by a series of vain attempts to bring political stability to his strife-ridden realm. He renewed the war against the Moors and gained control over most of the Algarve (1238–39). He was deposed (1245) in favour of his brother Afonso III.

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known as Sancho the Founder

(born 1154, Coimbra, Port.—died March 26, 1211) Second king of Portugal (1185–1211). The son of Afonso I, he resettled depopulated areas of Portugal, established new towns, and rebuilt frontier strongholds and castles. He encouraged foreign settlers and granted large tracts to military orders. When Portugal was invaded by the Almohad Moors, he sent a Crusader fleet against them (1189), but he lost control of Portuguese lands south of the Tagus River (1191).

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Sancho of Alburquerque (1342 - 1375) is known in Spanish as Sancho de Castilla, Infante de Castilla, 1. Conde de Alburquerque.

He was the ninth of the ten illegitimate children of King Alfonso XI of Castile and Lady Eleanor of Guzman.

He was born in Seville. He participated in a revolt of the Castilian nobles against the despotic rule of his brother Pedro of Castile.

In 1373 he married Beatrice of Portugal, daughter of Peter I of Portugal and Ines de Castro. They had two children: Fernando Sanchez, 2nd Count of Alburquerque, and Eleanor of Alburquerque, who married Ferdinand I of Aragon.

He also had an illegitimate daughter, Eleanor Sanchez of Castile.

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