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Samaga is the family title of the descendants of Sosale Venkatanarayan Shrouti. The title was bestowed upon Shrouti by the Sringeri Swamiji in the late 19th century. This recognition was for Shrouti's scholarly excellence in Samaveda. Thus Samaga is a person who is an expert in samaveda. His books were the prescribed textbooks at various Sanskrit colleges. All the descendants of Shrouti then adopted Samaga as the family name. Samaga is also a surname of some of the shivalli brahmins of Udupi. The surname may have derived from brahmins who follow samaveda or has considerable knowledge of samaveda.

Venkatanarayan Shrouti's only son was Samaga Venkataramana Shrouti, who later became an Amildar in the Government of Mysore. He held a BA (Hons.) degree in English.

Venkataramaswamy was Venkataramana Shrouti's only son. He had an excellent academic career and was one of the first persons to get a degree in Electronics and Communications engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He had a distinguished career in All India Radio and retired in 1970 as a Senior Engineer.He married Rukmini in 1935 and the couple had four sons.

One of Venkataramaswamy's sons is Samaga Venkataramaswamy Lakshmi Narayan aka S V L Narayan.

S V L Narayan holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India (FIE). He would probably hold the world record of being the only communication person to file stories live for two group companies from two different US Stock Exchanges.

During Narayan's career spanning over 30 years his experience encompassed a panoramic perspective of strategic business processes across industries- Information Technology, FMCG, Automotive, and Industrial products.

Narayan was closely involved in the setting up of Nipuna Services Ltd, Satyam’s BPO initiative. He headed the Business Process Consulting Group at a global level. As Nipuna was a greenfield project Narayan was closely involved in the strategic implementation, business planning and development process. This included new client pitches, working closely with a globally renowned consulting company on strategy, and interacting with a large international financial institution to identify strategic investors.

His team was responsible for all Process Consulting, Marketing and Pre-sales activity that includes: Global RFPs/RFIs, Client Due Diligence, Business Intelligence, new client pitches, collaborating with Satyam Business Units, production of White papers specific to industry, and communications.

Earlier, from August 1996 Narayan was responsible for setting up the Corporate Communications department at Satyam Computer Services. He was in charge of all communication activities of the company across the world. Given the strong entrepreneurial ethos in Satyam, his role went beyond just communications and he was involved in several strategic initiatives as a senior corporate executive.

The Corporate Communications department operated as a full service integrated communications agency to handle both External and Internal communication, targeting audience segments like customers, influencers, investors, employees and prospective employees. As the head for all global communications activity he traveled extensively to the US, South-East Asia, China, Australia, Europe and the Middle-East.

In 1996 when he set up the department Satyam was considered a medium sized Hyderabad–based software company. The integrated strategic communication plan that his department put in place has leapfrogged Satyam into becoming, today, one of the Top 3 publicly listed brands among Indian software services companies and also the largest traded stock in the Indian exchanges.

Two important assignments were the handling of all event management and communication activity connected with the American Depository Shares issue of, a) Satyam Infoway’s (SIFY) NASDAQ listing in October 1999. Repositioned Satyam Infoway from being the second Indian company to list on NASDAQ (Infosys was the first) to becoming the first Indian Internet company to be listed, and b) The NYSE listing of Satyam Computer Services in May 2001.

Narayan worked closely with officials of both the exchanges to organize the listing events and also the media coverage after the event. He was also a panel member to select the Specialist company (market maker) to handle Satyam's trade post listing.

November 1998:Launched Satyam Infoway’s (SIFY) Internet Service with Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee releasing the first CD.

March 2000: Worked closely with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to organize President Clinton’s visit to Hyderabad.

March – April 2001: As part of corporate brand building, repositioned three of Satyam's international offices: a) UK office rebranded as Dedicated Enterprise Application Integration Center for Europe. b) Dubai office repositioned as Middle East Solutions Center. c) Singapore office rebranded as Asia Pacific Headquarters. These initiatives received extensive media coverage .

February 2002: Coordinated the opening of Satyam’s China office at Shanghai. Extensive media coverage in China and India positioned Satyam as the FIRST Indian software services company to open center in China.

Professional Activities: He was the company’s representative at various industry associations and forums. He worked closely with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and NASSCOM.

Samaga Narayan is the President of the Rotary Club of Bangalore Cantonment

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