Salouël is a commune in the Somme département in the Picardie region of France.


Situated some 3 miles southwest of Amiens, between the N29 and D608 roads and a suburb of Amiens.


Population Evolution
1962 1968 1975 1982 1990 1999 2006
1193 2004 2788 3061 3679 4162 4258
Census count starting from 1962 Population without double counting


Evidence of Gallo-Roman habitation can be seen from the air, featuring overlapping enclosures and a big farm building or villa. Human remains and three tombs dating back to the Merovingian era have been discovered within the commune boundaries.
In the early Middle Ages, vines were cultivated in Picardie, and in this region in particular, as testified at Salouël by the parcel of land known as ‘Les Vignettes’.
In 1342 a fulling mill was in use on the river Selle, to process woollen cloth, which had previously been done manually.
Originally, Salouël was part of the parish town of Saleux. The separation was made by imperial decree in December 11 1864.
Its cantonal allocation has changed since 1790: first integrated into the canton of Bovelles, then to Sains and since 1879 the canton of Boves.
With Salouël being so close to Amiens, it wasn’t just involved in rural activity over the centuries, unlike most of the surrounding communes. Since the Middle Ages, the development of craft industries and small workshops occupied most of the population.
After the Second World War, and in particular since the years 1965-1970 the commune has been transformed by the successive establishment of the campus of a University and a large hospital.

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  • The Church
  • Water mills

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