Salmonella Dub (album)

Salmonella Dub (album)

Salmonella Dub is the self-titled debut album by New Zealand dub group, Salmonella Dub released in 1994. Due to popular demand, the then unavailable album was re-released in 2000.

Track listing

  1. "Orbital"
  2. "Cock The Roach"
  3. "Trumpet Dub"
  4. "Cincinnati Kid"
  5. "Wee The Dub Yore"
  6. "Orbital (Yasmin Dub)"
  7. "Pigmy"
  8. "Pukaki"
  9. "Meantime"
  10. "Chuff"
  11. "Ceremonial Dub"
  12. "Industry In Africa"
  13. "The Final Calling"
  14. "Bad Acid Hysteria"
  15. "Chuff The House"
  16. "Lost Soul (Acid Dub)"

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