Salingogon is the coastal area of Minalabac, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Its patron saint is Nuestra Senora de Salvacion (Our Lady of Salvation).


  • Sitio Recodo
  • Sitio Pagasa
  • Sitio Balluhan

List of Streets

  • Salvacion Street
  • J.P. Rizal Street
  • J. Bas Street


The local languages include two dialects of Bikol: bikol, which is the same as the Bikol spoken in Albay, and Rinconada, which is the same as that spoken in the region where Rinconada is spoken (Iriga, Bula, etc).


The predominant religion of Salingogon is Roman Catholicism. The parish priest at Our Lady of Salvation is the Rev. Father Ruben R. Buena, who has been in office since 1997.


Public Schools

Transportation and Communication

By land

Salingogon is accessible by land and by sea. By land, jeepneys are the mode of transportation. Naga City Tabuk Terminal houses the jeepneys going to Salingogon. It takes approximately two hours to make the trip, since the jeepneys have to travel along and across the mountainous parts of Minalabac. One of the most exciting parts of the trip would be when travellers glimpse the coastal area that pops up as they reach Sitio Balluhan. The white pebbles of the beach at Salingogon makes it popular with locals and tourists alike.

By sea

Boat rides to Salingogon can be caught at Pasacao Seaport on a motorized banca, which can handle 10–15 people, or on a big sea vessel, which can accommodate 30–60. The trip to Salingogon takes approximately two hours by sea.

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