Sales enablement

Sales enablement

Sales enablement at its core is maximizing the sales organization’s ability to communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent and compelling ways. Or without quite as many buzzwords, it is...

  1. ... a collection of disciplines and best practices that give your sales people the power to more effectively communicate why your solutions are better than your competitors
  2. ... the ability to keep all of your sales people on the same page when different people in your organization talk to different buyers at each of your clients
  3. ... ensuring that your marketing material that proves your clients can not live without your services and products makes it from your marketing department to your clients

Another way to look at this is that it facilitates the communication and interaction between your marketing and sales departments so they are each able to do what they do best without stepping on each other's toes.

More recently, the concept has been expanded to the idea that any individual in the company may have information that might be valuable to a sales team. While not all material may be appropriate to show to the client, white papers on products and case studies on other clients or competitors may assist in selling at the next sales call.

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