Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Salem Maritime National Historic Site: see National Parks and Monuments (table).

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site consists of 12 historic structures and about 9 acres (36,000 m²) of land along the waterfront in Salem, Massachusetts, plus a Visitor Center in downtown Salem. It was the first American National Historic Site, and interprets the triangular trade during the colonial period; privateers during the American Revolution; and sea trade, especially with the Far East, after independence.

Structures in the historic site include:

  • The Friendship of Salem - a replica of a 1797 East Indiaman, built in the Scarano Brothers Shipyard in Albany, New York, in 2000. The original Friendship made 15 voyages during her career to Batavia, India, China, South America, the Caribbean, England, Germany, the Mediterranean, and Russia. She was captured as a prize of war by the British in September 1812.
  • Derby Wharf (1762, extended 1806) - Salem's longest wharf (nearly 1/2 mile). When in active use, it was lined with warehouses of goods from around the world.
  • Derby House (1762) - built in 1762 by Captain Richard Derby as a wedding gift for his son, a fine example of Georgian architecture.
  • Narbonne House (1675) - The part of the house with the high peaked roof was built by butcher Thomas Ives, who later added a lean-to to the south side and a kitchen lean-to at the back. Around 1740 the southern lean-to was replaced by today's gambrel-roofed addition. From 1750 to 1780, the house was owned by Capt. Joseph Hodges, and in 1780 the house was purchased by tanner Jonathan Andrew. The house was lived in by descendants of the Andrew family from 1780 to 1964, when the house was sold to the National Park Service.
  • Hawkes House (1780, 1800) - designed by famous Salem architect Samuel McIntire, building began in 1780. The unfinished building was purchased and completed around 1800 by Benjamin Hawkes.
  • Salem Custom House (1819) - the 13th Custom House in Salem; the first was built in 1649. Each collected taxes on imported cargos.


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