Saint Affrique


Saint-Affrique is a commune in the Aveyron department in southwestern France.


Saint-Affrique grew in the 6th century around the tomb of St. Africain, bishop of Comminges. In the 12th century a fortress was built on the neighboring rock of Caylus. The possession of Saint-Affrique was vigorously contested during the French Wars of Religion. It was eventually occupied by the Huguenots until 1629, when it was seized and dismantled by a royal army.


An old bridge over the Sorgues River and some megaliths in the neighborhood, especially, the dolmen of Tiergues, are of antiquarian interest.


Saint-Affrique was the birthplace of :

Twin towns

Saint-Affrique prize

Saint-Affrique prize was awarded to notorious Parisian painter artists during the second part of the 20th century. It consisted in a stay of one month in the hotel of famous cook François Decucq during which the painters could visit and paint one of the most beautiful county of France. Some prize winners: Daniel du Janerand, Maurice Boitel.


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