Sage, Russell

Sage, Russell

Sage, Russell, 1815-1906, American financier, b. Oneida co., N.Y. He was successful in the grocery business in Troy, N.Y. Active in public affairs, he became (1845) alderman of Troy and served (1853-56) as a Whig member of Congress. He continued to amass great wealth by banking, and after moving (1863) to New York City he engaged in stock speculation. In association with Jay Gould, he gained extensive financial control in several Western railroads, in the elevated railway system in New York City, and in the Western Union Telegraph Company. An attempt to assassinate him in 1891 failed, resulting in the death of the would-be assassin, Henry Norcross. Upon Sage's death, the distribution of his fortune was left in the hands of his widow, Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, 1828-1918. She made large gifts to the Emma Willard School and to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy; established Russell Sage College; and donated money to other educational organizations and to benevolent societies. Marsh Island in the Gulf of Mexico was bought by her in 1912 and given to Louisiana as a bird sanctuary. The great single benefaction was the establishment (1907) of the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City. This institution, endowed with a total of $15 million for "the improvement of social and living conditions" in the United States, did pioneer work in cooperating with various social agencies. In addition to conducting research activities in social welfare, public health, education, government, and law, the foundation has also been concerned with the possibilities of increased use of social-science techniques in the practicing professions.
Sage or SAGE can refer to one of the following:


Plant communities

  • Coastal sage scrub, a low scrubland plant community, characteristic plants include California sagebrush (Artemisia californica), black sage (Salvia mellifera), white sage (Salvia apiana)


See also Le Sage


  • Adriana Sage, a Mexican American pornographic actress
  • Amanda Sage, an American born painter based in Vienna
  • Ana Cumpanas (Anna Sage), a brothel owner in the U.S. city of Chicago
  • Angie Sage, an English author
  • Bill Sage, an American actor and alumnus of State University of New York at Purchase
  • David Sage, an American television actor
  • Ebenezer Sage, a United States Representative from New York
  • George Sage, an English football player
  • Greg Sage, an American rock musician
  • Harry Sage, an American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Henry W. Sage, a wealthy New York State businessman, philanthropist
  • John Sage, an English torturer
  • Kay Sage, an American Surrealist artist and poet
  • Leland Sage, an American professor emeritus of history at the University of Northern Iowa
  • Lorna Sage, a Welsh-born academic, an award-winning literary critic and author
  • Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, an American philanthropist
  • Mel Sage, an English former football (soccer) player
  • Parker Sage, founder and head of the American neo-fascist movements Black Legion and the National Workers' League
  • Paula Sage, a Scottish film actress, Special Olympics athlete and advocate of Down's Syndrome
  • Rachael Sage, an American songwriter
  • Rosemary Sage, an English expert in the field of education, in particular the area of special needs
  • Russell Sage, an American financier and politician
  • Thomas Henry Sage, an English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Veronica Sage, an American adult model and a porn star
  • William H. Sage, an American Medal of Honor recipient

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