sacramental, in the Roman Catholic Church, aid to devotion that is not a sacrament. Sacramentals are commonly divided into six classes: prayer, anointing, eating, confession, giving, and blessings. According to church teaching, sacramentals are not founded by God but by the church, and therefore do not convey grace. Examples are holy water, many blessings, and the rosary.

auto sacramental(Spanish; “sacramental act” )

Spanish dramatic genre of short plays on sacred or biblical subjects. Performed outdoors as part of Corpus Christi feast-day celebrations, they were verse allegories dealing with some aspect of the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. The form first appeared in the 16th century and reached its height in plays by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, who covered a wide range of nonsacramental subjects. Their performance was prohibited by royal decree in 1765 on the ground of irreverence.

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Sacramental may refer to:

  • Sacramental, as an adjective means of or pertaining to sacraments
  • Sacramentals, in Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism, objects whose supernatural effects, unlike those of a sacrament, depend on the belief of the recipient

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