Saccharomyces rosei

Torulaspora delbrueckii

Torulaspora delbrueckii is a yeast species which is also known as Saccharomyces delbrueckii or Saccharomyces rosei (anamorph called Candida colliculosa)

The genetic analyses have revealed that the various strains treated as Torulaspora delbrueckii actually represent different species (and belong even to different genera, like Debaryomyces, Saccharomyces and Candida). Thus, the criteria of the species T. delbrueckii apparently needed some revision according to the type strain (the strain SANK 50118).

One interesting usage of T. Delbrueckii (and quite possibly one or more of the similar Saccharomyces strains) is in brewing German-style wheat beers. During fermentation the yeast produces noticeable banana-esters and clove-like phenols which impart the distinct aroma typified by these beers.


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