Saar River


[zahr, sahr]
Saar has several meanings:


  • Saar, Bahrain, a town in Bahrain
  • Saar Region and Saar Area— in context, any of the below:
  • Saar River, or Saar River valley — an important navigable river running through the borderlands of France and Germany through a mineral rich, highly developed, industrial region once part of the pre-Napoleonic wars state of Lorraine and one center of the industrial revolution and armaments industries in the emerging modern Germany.
    1. Saarland, a federal state of Germany
    2. Saar (protectorate), a French protectorate (1947–1956)
    3. Saar (League of Nations), a League of Nations governed territory (1920–1935)
    4. Sarre (département), a French département (1798–1814)



SAAR may refer to:

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