Saane (in German) or Sarine (in French) is one of the largest rivers in Switzerland. It is 128 km long and has a drainage area of 1,892 km². It is a tributary of the river Aar. The source is at the foot of the Sanetschhorn, in the western part of the Bernese Oberland.

The Saane flows through the following Swiss cantons and towns:

Approximately 15 km west of Berne, the river flows into the Aar.


Reservoirs on the Saane/Sarine river
Dam Location Elevation Reservoir Area Volume Length
Rossinière VD 860 m Lac du Vernex 0.32 km² 002.9 mio m³ 1.2 km
Lessoc, Haut-Intyamon FR 774 m Lac de Lessoc 0.20 km² 001.5 mio m³ 2.3 km
Rossens FR 677 m Lac de la Gruyère 9.60 km² 220 mio m³ 13.5 km
Fribourg 554 m Lac de Pérolles 0.35 km² 000.034 mio m³ 2.3 km
Schiffenen FR 532 m Lake Schiffenen 4.25 km² 065 mio m³ 12 km


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