Saam Class

Alvand class frigate

The Alvand class (also called the Saam class frigate or the 'Vosper Mk 5 type) comprise four Iranian light patrol frigates. Only three are currently in service.

All four ships were originally named after characters from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, but after the Islamic Revolution they were renamed after mountains in Iran.

The United Kingdom built all four ships which were originally armed with nine Sea Cat anti-air missiles and five Sea Killer anti-ship missiles. Iranian Navy has replaced the missiles with Chinese equivalents.

One Alvand-class frigate, the Sahand, was sunk by U.S. forces during Operation Praying Mantis in 1988 after unsuccessfully firing upon an A-6 Intruder flying from the USS Enterprise. It was then struck by Harpoon missiles from this aircraft, and then a coordinated Harpoon attack from its wingman and a nearby surface ship.

Ships in the class

Ship Pennant Number Builder Launched Status
Alvand - ex-Saam 71 (ex- DE 12) Vosper Thornycroft 1968 In Service
Alborz - ex-Zaal 72 (ex DE 14) Vickers 1969 In Service
Sabalan- ex-Rostam 73 (ex DE 16) Vickers 1969 In Service
Sahand - ex-Faramarz 74 (ex DE 18) Vosper Thornycroft 1969 sunk on April 18, 1988

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