Steel Ball Run

Steel Ball Run

Originally presented as an unrelated story, this series was recently officially declared a part of the JoJo storyline. The series stars Gyro Zeppeli, who uses a set of steel balls that spin incredibly fast, and Johnny Joestar (Jonathan Joestar), a former hot-shot jockey who was crippled by an ambusher and lost his fame and fortune. They race, along with others, in a mad-dash across America for 50 million dollars, reminiscent of The Cannonball Run. This series is likely caused by the after effects of the Stand "Stairway to Heaven" (the name was changed to メイド・イン・ヘブン "Made in Heaven" in the tankōbon release; "Stairway to Heaven" was written without any katakana furigana), which was intended to create a perfect universe for everyone, along the lines of the Mayan prophecy of 2012, which predicts the universe's transformation. Originally, Pucci had planned for the universe to remain the same as he'd known it, except for everyone having precognition (i.e. awareness of immutable destiny; Pucci thought this would make people appreciate their existence more) and the excision of Jonathan Joestar and his descendants (to give Dio his Heaven-on-Earth). However, when Pucci was slain, Made in Heaven had not completely rewritten the cosmos, which therefore "snapped back" into a strong similarity of its previous self. This explains the inclusion of characters such as Norisuke Higashikata (someone of Josuke's lineage), Urmd Abdul (an Avdol lookalike), and Diego "Dio" Brando.

Steel Ball Run is being published by Shueisha in Ultra Jump. The first 23 chapters (4 volumes) were serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.


Character name Stand name Horse name Relation
Johnny Joestar Tusk Slow Dancer Protagonist
Gyro Zeppeli Scan Valkyrie Protagonist
Steven Steel - (race promoter) Neutral
Mrs. Lucy Steel - - Ally
Mountain Tim Oh! Lonesome Me Ghost Riders in the Sky Ally
Pocoloco Unknown Hey Ya Neutral
Hot Pants Cream Starter Gets Up Neutral
Sugar Mountain Unknown - Neutral
Sandman In a Silent Way (on foot) Rival
Diego "Dio" Brando Scary Monster Silver Bullet Rival
Mrs. Robinson Unknown El Cóndor Pasa Rival
Benjamin Bunboon Unknown Crosstown Traffic Rival
Andre Bunboon Unknown Foxy Lady Rival
L. A. Bunboon Unknown Little Wing Rival
Oyecomova Unknown Unknown Rival
Funny Valentine Unknown - Rival
Pork Pie Hat Boy Wired - Rival
Dr. Ferdinand Scary Monsters - Rival
Ringo Roadagain Mandom - Rival
Blackmore Catch the Rainbow - Rival
Mike O. Tubular Bells - Rival
Axl RO Civil War - Rival

Summary of Each Stage

STAGE Subtitle Route Distance Expected Travel Days Participants Retires Deaths
1st. 「15,000 Meters」 San Diego Beach ~
Santa Maria Novella Church
15km   3852 79 3
2nd. 「Crossing The Arizona Desert」 ~ Monument Valley 1,200km 12-18 Days 3770 1219 82
3rd. 「Rocky Mountain
Brake Down」
~ Cannon City 710km
(Mountain Route)
7 Days 2469 551 0
4th. 「The Wide, Wide Plain's
Small Grave Marker」
~ Kansas City Approx. 1,250km 21 Days 1918 1476 1
5th. 「Illinois Skyline」 ~ Chicago - Lake Michigan Approx. 780km Approx. 14 Days 441 65 2
6th. 「Michigan Lakeline」 ~ Macchino City - Lake Huron Approx. 690km --- 374 --- ---
7th. 「Philadelphia Triangle」 ~ Philadelphia Approx. 1,300km Approx. 22 Days      

Comprehensive Ranking

  • Score Chart

1st:100p+Time Bonus 1 Hour(Stage 1 prize: $10,000)、2nd:50p、3rd:40p、4th:35p、5th:30p、6th:25p、7th:20p、8th:15p、


Ranking Rider Stand Nation Horse 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th. 5th. 6th. 7th. 8th. 9th. Total

1 Pocoloco
Name Unknown America Hey! Ya!
(4y.o. Quarter Horse)
3rd 9th 5th 2nd 1st 3rd 233p 1 Hour
2 Hot Pants
Cream Starter
America Get Up
(3y.o. Mustang)
6th 5th 1st 7th 3rd 215p 1 Hour
3 Johnny Joestar
America Slow Dancer
(11y.o. Appaloosa)
5th 2nd 2nd 4th 5th 2nd 245p
4 Diego Brando
Scary Monster
England Silver Bullet
(Arab Thoroughbred)
2nd 1st 3rd Out Out 190p 1 Hour
5 Norisuke Higashitaka
Unknown Japan Honoo
(4y.o. Barbarian Warm Blood)
19th 6th 12th 1st 2nd 188p 1 Hour
6 Gyro Zeppeli
Scan (Eye Loaded Steel Ball)
Italy Valkyrie
(4y.o. Stock Horse)
21th 4th 4th 3rd 4th 1st 246p 1 Hour
7 Sloop Jon B
Unknown America Catch A Wave
20th 10th 13th 8th 6th 63p
8 Caravan Serai
Unknown Mexico Moon Flower
13th 18th 14th 11th 7th 52p
9 Zenyatta Mondatta
Unknown India Roxanne
12th 7th ?th 10th ?th 42p
10 Baba Yaga
Unknown Russia Nutrocker
14th 15th 8th ?th 10th 42p
11 Dixie Chicken
Unknown America Rambling Man
8th 19th ?th ?th 9th 31p
12 Nellyville
Unknown America Country Grammar
15th 12th ?th ?th 11th 28p
13 Iglesias
Unknown Portugal Nataly
23th 11th ?th ?th 12th 21p
14 The Nightfly
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out Out ?th ?th 8th 25p
15 Georgy Porgy
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out 20th 11th ?th 17th 18p
16 Kanye
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out 13th ?th ?th 13th 18p
17 Mack The Knife
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out 21st 9th ?th 19th 17p
18 Shigechi
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out 14th ?th ?th 15th 15p
19 Billy White
Unknown America Love Unlimited
22th 16th ?th ?th 14th 14p
20 Rotter's Club
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out Out ?th 9th ?th 13p
21 Tarkus
Unknown Unknown Unknown Out 17th ?th ?th 16th 11p
Drop Urmd Abdul
None Egypt (Camel)
Drop 0p
None Germany (Automobile)
Drop 0p
Mrs. Robinson
Unknown Mexico El condor pasa
(7y.o. Appaloosa)
18th Drop 4p
Benjamin Boomboom
Name Unknown America Crosstown Traffic
(4y.o. Quarter Horse)
9th Drop 13p
Andre BoomBoom
Name Unknown America Foxy Lady
(3y.o. Quarter Horse)
10th Drop 12p
L.A. BoomBoom
Name Unknown America Little Wing
(3y.o. Quarter Horse)
11th Drop 11p
Oye Como Va
Name Unknown Naples Unknown Out Drop 0p
Fritz Von Schtroheim
None Germany Europa Express
(4y.o. Trakehner)
7th Drop 20p
Mountain Tim
Oh! Lonesome Me
America Ghost Riders In The Sky
(5y.o. Mustang)
4th Out Drop 35p
Unknown Spain Peg
(6y.o. Appaloosa)
17th Out 10th Drop 17p
Dot Khan
None Mongol #1
(4y.o. Boulonnais)
16th 8th 7th 5th Drop 71p
In A Silent Way
America (Self) 1st 3rd 6th 6th Drop 190p 1 Hour

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