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SNN News 6 (formerly known as SNN 6, SNN Channel 6, and Six News Now; which were often used interchangeably) is a Comcast cable 24/7 news station operating in Sarasota, Florida. The station operates in conjunction with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, which owns the station, which is owned by the New York Times Company. The station reports in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties.

However, the broadcasts are only available on Comcast systems served by headends in Sarasota and Charlotte county. The station broadcasts local news 24/7, and reports live during breaking news stories and community events.

Quite a bit of content is recorded, but they are quick to break in live with important and breaking news. SNN News 6 "is" live @ 5, 5:30, 6, 10 & 11 PM Monday-Friday. The station also does live weather in the mornings and at various points during the day, especially when the weather is bad. The station occasionally broadcasts high school football games and parades in the area.

SNN dropped their previous slogan of "Around The Corner, Around The Clock" and are now using the slogan "Get More Local News 24/7". In addition, SNN changed the logo for their station and now go by SNN News 6, instead of the original SNN6.

The station was the first all digital-disk based television station by use of the Avid non-linear editing systems. SNN News 6 was one of the first news operations to have a joined print and broadcast newsroom taking the theory of media convergence to another level.

SNN News 6 has a special content use agreement with WFLA-TV and NBC Newschannel. While they are not considered an official affiliate, this agreement helps NBC bridge the gap in terms of news coverage between the Tampa Bay and Fort Myers television markets and allows SNN News 6 to use stories from NBC News and its affiliates. This agreement replaced an earlier agreement between then SNN6, WTVT, and the now defunct CONUS Communications in 2002. This new agreement also allows for cooperation between the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Tampa Tribune, which also operates as multimedia news organization.

SNN News 6 is also an affiliate of CNN NewsSource.

Current personalities

  • Bruce Asbury (Reporter, Substitute Weather Forecaster)
  • Charles Brown (Substitute Anchor, Reporter)
  • John Hill (Weekend Anchor)
  • Lauren Mayk (Morning/Midday Anchor)
  • Justin Mosely (Chief Meteorologist)
  • Antawan Smith (Sports Director)
  • Adrienne Stein (Evening Anchor)
  • Dave Knops (Weekend Meteorologist)
  • Kathy Leon (Midday Anchor)
  • Tom Lloyd (Reporter)

Former personalities


  • Alicia Allan
  • Tony Arranaga (Currently at KNXV-TV)
  • '''Mike Bloomberg
  • Suzanne Boyd (Currently at WPEC)
  • Harold Brisco
  • Sandra Brogan(Currently at WSLS)
  • Kellie Butler (Currently at WPLG)
  • Ken Charles
  • Carey Codd (Currently at WFOR-TV)
  • Rick deFuria
  • Scott Draper (Currently at WJHL)
  • Denise Johnston
  • Christie Fletcher
  • Laura Kadechka (Currently at WINK-TV)
  • David Karsh
  • Colleen Gallagher
  • Jessica Kow
  • Nancy Grimes
  • Ajai Hilton
  • David Karnes (Currently at WRCB)
  • Carol Lim
  • Cheryl Lindo
  • Eric Blackburn (Currently at WTVT)
  • Nicki Mayo (Currently at WJHL/
  • Candice Brown McElya
  • Janelle Martinez (Currently with WCNC-TV)
  • Rich Matthews (Currently with APTN)
  • Mia McCormick
  • James Meyer
  • L.J. (Laura) Moody (Currently at WTVT)
  • April Mertz (Kellogg) (Currently at WTVT)
  • Amy Oshier (Currently freelancing
  • Madelyn Pennino (Currently at Lancaster Newspapers)
  • Rob Peery
  • Nerissa Prest (Currently at WTVT
  • Karli Ritter (Currently at WAKA)
  • Vanessa Rodriguez
  • Drew Smith
  • Brandon Todd (Currently at KDFW)
  • Julie Tremmel(Currently at WWLP)
  • Frank Verdel
  • Eric Watson
  • Chris Stachelski
  • Jim Wicks
  • Tom Burse
  • Jeff Williamson (Currently freelancing

Now with Orange County Sheriffs Office as PIO)


Similar operations

Similar operations in Florida include Bay News 9 in Tampa Bay and Central Florida News 13 in the Orlando area, both run by Bright House Networks.

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