SLR105 A1

SLR105 A1

This is an airsoft gun, resembling a modern AK variant, produced by Classic Army. It's basic form is copied from Tokyo Marui AK-47, with the differences being the obvious more modern look, some small improvements and a metal body. Unlike some other Classic Army products, not every part that is metal on the real gun is metal on the SLR105 A1. It comes with a high capacity magazine (500 rd). It shoots 6 mm bb's at approximately 290-310 feet per second at about 700-800 rpm. It can take a large 8.4-9.6 V battery. The SLR105 A1 is compatible with most Tokyo Marui parts and accessories.

The SLR105 A1 is based on the SLR-105 A1] model, a semi-automatic US import version of AK-74, which is no longer in production. In the airsoft gun, this shows in realistic laser-engraved Arsenal and US importer markings, 6mm caliber marking (the real gun is 5.45mm) and a unique serial number for each gun, a rarity with Airsoft guns. The real SLR-105 A1 is semi-auto, whereas the airsoft gun is select-fire.

Classic army also produces a more pricey steel version of the product. This has same inner workings, but a completely different structure, copied mainly from high-priced Guarder products. It also differs by having real wood handguards and stock instead of black composite materials.

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