SID'80s, also known as Stuck in D'80s, is a retro Commodore 64 rock band playing covers for old Commodore 64 game music written in the 1980s but performed in their own particular style.

The unique thing about this band is the members live in different countries around Europe, getting together on the day of a gig to rehearse and perform later that day.

The band consists of...

Ben Daglish - C64 game composer - flute, guitar, wind synth

Mark Knight / Madfiddler - current game composer/sound designer - electric violin

Jon Hare - famous game programmer - guitar

Jeremy Longley - game programmer - bass guitar

Marcel Donne - C64 remixer - keyboards

Andreas Walstrom - C64 fanboy - drums

The band can be found performing at various retro events both in the UK and Europe.

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