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Sid (band)

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is a Japanese rock band under Sony's Danger Crue Records. They have a large fan base and are rapidly gaining popularity.

SID is a visual indie band that formed in 2003. They have a jazzy sound that is usually absent in Visual Kei. Despite their youth in the world of Japanese rock, SID have had a lot of exposure. They continuously play live in Japan and in 2004 SID did a short tour of American anime conventions. The tour helped to launch their fan base in the states. In addition to touring, SID has been interviewed for several J-Rock magazines such as Shoxx and Fool's Mate.

SID was formed in 2003 by Mao and Aki. The band was soon joined by Shinji and Yuya. They began as a visual kei band but Mao wanted to leave that scene as soon as possible so the band could develop their own style. In 2004, they gave some live performances. Indeed, in May 2004, the SID are selected to go to Anime Central, a popular anime convention in the United States, because of Miyavi's cancellation. They thereafter signed under the label of Sony, Danger Raw Records, producers variou of Jrock and Visual bands. They released their first album in 2004, [Renai], a limited edition of 10 000 copies only. In April, the SID give two concerts of which all the places will be sold! One 3rd album is announced for November followed by a winter round. 2006 will thus be seen being the year of the concretization for the group, which completed its reconversion of the Visual style for their own style and their particular musical universe. It also should be specified that these boys compose and write absolutely all their songs (the words are written by Mao and the majority of the compositions are carried out by Aki).


Sid was formed in 2003 by Mao and Aki. They started as part of the visual kei movement, though as of 2006 they have dropped the trend.

When Miyavi had to cancel his appearance at Anime Central in May 2004, Sid was chosen to fill the spot (before they had signed under Danger Crue, a prolific visual kei and rock label) and quickly recruited Shinji and Yuuya. They have since gained a following in the United States, as their singles were not available in Japan prior to their United States performance.

Their goal for 2006 is to break into the major label scene, beginning with their single "Sweet?" which was less visually oriented as well as much more poppy musically than their previous works, which had tended to maintain a certain blues edge. Since then they have enjoyed a moderate amount of success on the Oricon charts.




  • [2004.12.22] Renai (憐哀 -レンアイ)
  • [2005.11.16] Hoshi no Miyako (星の都) # 26
  • [2006.11.08] play #9
  • [2008.02.20] Sentimental Macchiato (センチメンタルマキアート)
  • [2008.08.13] Side B complete collection ~e.B~Singles
  • [2004.03.28] Kaijou-Ban (会場盤)
  • [2004.04.04] Tsuhan-Ban (通販盤)
  • [2004.06.06] Ryutsu-Ban (流通盤)
  • [2005.07.20] Paint Pops
  • [2005.10.12] Sweet? # 23
  • [2006.02.08] Hosoi Koe # 18
  • [2006.06.14] chapter 1 # 10
  • [2006.08.16] Otegami (御手紙) #41
  • [2007.04.04] smile
  • [2007.07.11] Natsukoi (夏恋)
  • [2007.09.26] Mitsuyubi (蜜指 ミツユビ)
  • [2007.12.05] Namida no Ondo (涙の温度)
  • [2008.10.29] Monochrome no Kiss (モノクロのキス), OP of KuroshitsujiDVD
  • [2007.02.07] SIDNAD vol.1 ~film of“play”~
  • [2008.05.14] SIDNAD vol.2 ~clips one~
  • [2008.10.15] SIDNAD Vol.3 ~TOUR 2008 センチメンタルマキアート~Compilation
  • Luna Sea Memorial Cover Album (December 19, 2007)

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