SHINee (Korean: 샤이니) is a five-member boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group debuted on May 25 2008 on SBS Popular Songs with the single, "누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)". The group consists of members Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, and Key. SHINee's official fan colour is pearlescent sky blue.

Musical history


SHINee remained a secret until May 18 2008 when the introduction of the new group surfaced on various articles on the Internet. However, some members of the band had made small appearances without alerting the media about the band. Jonghyun, for instance, lent his voice in a duet with Zhang Liyin, "Wrongly Given Love" (交错的爱), which was recorded in Zhang Liyin's first Chinese album. Minho appeared in Ha Sangbaek's fashion show in March 2008.

On May 19 2008 a teaser for the group's debut music video appeared on their official website. The video was then released on May 22 2008 and their first mini album on May 23 2008.

Ha Sang Baek is appointed as their official designer. Their choreographer has also worked with the likes of famous artists such as Beyonce and Britney Spears

2008: Debut

SHINee made their debut television appearance on SBS's Popular Songs on May 25 2008, performing their first promotional single, "누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)". The group's first stage performance was on May 22 2008 on M.NET's M! Countdown. On June 7 2008, SHINee performed at the Dream Concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium along with other popular Korean stars, and Jonghyun performed in the opening act along with other members from Super Junior and Girls' Generation as a part of "Dream Band".

Members from the group have also gone on to making a number of guest appearances on radio shows such as KBS's Super Junior Kiss the Radio, a radio show hosted by Super Junior members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. SHINee visited other radio shows that were hosted by other Super Junior members, such as Shindong's Stop the Boring Time and Sungmin's Reckless Radio, where they performed a few of their songs. They have also made many appearances on various television shows, including Star King and Star Golden Bell.

SHINee received the "Rookie of the Month" award on Cyworld 9 days after their debut and at MNet 20's Choice Award 2008 they won the "Hot New Star" award.

SHINee released their full debut album, "SHINee World," on August 28, 2008. The first single released from the album was "산소 같은 너" [Love Like Oxygen], which is a cover of "Show the World" by Martin Hoberg Hedegaard originally written by the Danish songwriting/production team of Thomas Troelsen, Remee and Lucas Secon. The official music video has been released. On September 18th, 2008, SHINee's "Love Like Oxygen" was the #1 song on M! Countdown. A few days afterwards, SHINee received the mutizen award for "Love Like Oxygen" on SBS Inkigayo. On October 03, 2008, SHINee was awarded the New Comer Award at the 5th Asia Song Festival.


Onew (온유 or 温流) (The Leader)

  • Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
  • Birth date:
  • Position: Leader, Sub-Vocal

Jonghyun (종현 or 鐘鉉) (Bling Bling)

  • Birth name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
  • Birth date:
  • Position: Lead Vocal

Key (키) (The Almighty Key)

  • Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
  • Birth date:
  • Position: Sub-Vocal, Rap

Minho (민호 or 珉豪) (Flaming Charisma)

  • Birth name: Choi Minho (최민호)
  • Birth date:
  • Position: Rap, Sub-Vocal

Taemin (태민 or 泰民) (The Youngest)

  • Birth name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
  • Birth date:
  • Position: Lead Dancer,Rap,Sub-Vocal



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