Shamshad TV

Shamshad TV

Shamshad TV is a satellite television station in Afghanistan, which was launched in early 2006. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing educational, news, shows, dramas, and entertaining programs to both local areas of Afghanistan as well as other countries via satellite. Shamshad TV programs are mainly in Pashto language. Shamshad TV's name is taken from a mountain named Shamshad in Afghanistan. The Shamshad mountain is one of the highest mountains in Afghanistan. Shamshad is locally available in Kabul and Jalalabad provinces (Date: January 15, 2007) and is going soon to Paktia and Kandahar provinces. In future it will cover all over Afghanistan as well. It is only available on Asia sat2 for International viewers and will cover Europe, America, etc soon.

It transmits hourly news, current affairs programs, entertainment programs, politics programs, sports programs and criminal incidents programs. It has many live shows such as Khabari ao Sandari (Talks and Songs), Dini Larkhowani (Religious Guidance), Ronn Sahaar (Clear Morning), etc. Its main on screen workers are Sarwar Khairay, Baheer Lalpuriwal, Shazalmay Zalmay, etc.

Fazal Karim Fazal is the President of Shamshad TV, which is located in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul.


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