SGI Altix

SGI Altix 350

The SGI Altix 350 was a server made by Silicon Graphics, Inc., and introduced in 2005. It ran Linux, rather than SGI's own Unix variant, IRIX.

The Altix 350 was scalable from one to thirty-two 64-bit Intel Itanium processors. It featured DDR SDRAM and PCI-X expansion ports, and could support SCSI or SATA internal hard drives. Designed as a rack-mount server, the Altix 350 was 2U, meaning it occupied two slots vertically in a standard server rack.

As of December 2006, the Altix 350 has been superseded by the Altix 450 (based on the Itanium 2) and the Altix XE (based on the Xeon).

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