Sexy Stream Liner

Sexy Stream Liner

Sexy Stream Liner is the sixteenth album by Japanese rock band Buck-Tick released in 1997.

Track listing

  1. Thanatos (タナトス)
  2. Sexy Stream Liner
  3. Heroin (Angel Dust Mix) (ヒロイン Angel Dust Mix)
  4. Muchi no Namida (無知の涙; Tear for Ignorance)
  5. Lizard Skin no Shojo (リザードスキンの少女; Lizard-Skinned Girl)
  6. Rasen Chu (螺旋 虫; Spiral Worm)
  7. Chocho (蝶蝶; Butterfly)
  8. Sasayaki (囁き; Whisper)
  9. Kalavinka (迦陵頻伽 Kalavinka)
  10. My Fuckin' Valentine
  11. Schiz.o Genso (Schiz.o 幻想; Schiz.o Illusions)
  12. Kimi ga Shin...dara (キミガシン...ダラ; die)

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