Søndre Bergenhus

Bergenhus Regiment

Bergenhus Regiment was a Norwegian Army infantry regiment located in the counties of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. It was first formed in 1628 and finally disbanded in 2002. In 2006 it was decided that as the Norwegian Home Guard has taken over both the territorial responsibility and recruitment area of the old regiments they are recognised as their successors. Thus battle honours and history has been transferred to them and new banners based on the old regimental colours were created to reflect that. The history of Bergenhus Regiment is carried on by Bergenhus Heimevernsdistrikt 09 and Møre og Fjordane Heimevernsdistrikt 11.


Bergenhus Regiment was first raised in 1628 as part of the Danish King Christian IV's plan to create a Norwegian army. Most armies of that time had in their ranks large proportions of mercenaries, expensive troops to maintain and sometimes of questionable loyalty. Thus by raising an army that was to manned by his own rural subjects he wished to create an organization that would be loyal, could quickly be put on a war-footing and that could serve his interest, both in war and peace.

To recruit men for this army all farms in the realm from Båhus in the south to Trøndelag in the central north was organized into the "legd"-system. A "legd" consisted of four full farms, which together would provide and equip a single soldier.

The initial army consisted of five regiments:

-Trondhjemske Regiment

-Bergenhusiske Regiment

-Tunsberghusiske Regiment

-Akershusiske Regiment

-Bohus Regiment

There were also three independent companies:

-Jämtlands Kompani

-Stavanger lens Fahnlein

-Agdesidens Fahnlein

Baptism of fire and the growth of an institution (1628-1700)

The Great Nordic war (1700-1721)

The Oldenburg monarchy at peace (1721-1789)

The Napoleonic wars (1789-1814)

Union with Sweden (1814-1905)

Independence and World War 1 (1905-1918)

The interwar years (1918-1940)

World War 2 (1940-1945)

Postwar and Nato (1946-2002)

The end of an era (2002)


Regimental Names
Det Bergenhusiske Regiment Bergenhus Regiment 1628 1718
1ste Bergenhusiske Regiment til fots 1st Bergenhus Foot Regiment 1718 1789
2dre Bergenhusiske Regiment til fots 2nd Bergenhus Foot Regiment 1718 1789
Det Bergenhusiske Regiment Bergenhus Regiment 1789 1817
Den Bergenhusiske Skarpskytterbataljon Bergenhus Sharpshooter Battalion 1810 1817
4de Bergenhusiske Brigade 4th Bergenhus Brigade 1817 1911
Søndre Bergenhus Infanteriregiment Nr.9 Southern Bergenhus Infantry Regiment Nr.9 1911 1930
Nordre Bergenhus Infanteriregiment Nr.10 Northern Bergenhus Infantry Regiment Nr.10 1911 1930
Hordaland Infanteriregiment Nr.9 Hordaland Infantry Regiment Nr.9 1930 1995
Fjordane Infanteriregiment Nr.10 Fjordane Infantry Regiment Nr.10 1930 1995
Bergenhus Regiment Bergenhus Regiment 1995 2002
Fjordane Regiment Fjordane Regiment 1995 2002
(Periods when the original regiment was divided into several separate units as a result of army re-organizations are shown with the designations of all these units listed.)

Battle Honours
Stene gård 1658
Trondhjem 1658
Halden 1660
Vænersborg 1676
Marstrand-Carlsten 1677
Jasmund-Neutief 1715
Moss 1716
Dynekilen 1716
Fredriksten 1718
Marstrand-Carlsten 1719
Berby 1808
Vosseavsnittet 1940
Valdres 1940

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