Russian government

Provisional All-Russian Government

The Provisional All-Russian Government or PA-RG was the main government centred in Omsk during the Russian Civil War. Formed in late September 1918, the PA-RG was formed from the two main regimes of the region, the Komuch, mainly SR's and Kadets, and the Provisional Siberian Government, which consisted mainly of regional politicians and rightist officers. The two regimes had come to a point of rivalry including a customs war and numerous border disputes. A State Conference started on 8 September and finishing on the 23 September finished with the establishment of this last attempt at a unified anti-Bolshevik government. But it was a compromise. The Komuch gained recognition for the SR-dominated Constituent Assembly as the eventual basis of power. The right won a three-month stay of execution, until January 1919. Although the Komuch lost its claim to be the legal All-Russian government, in its place as the embodiment of the new government was a five-man Directory. The Directory consisted of 2 SRs, Nikolai Avksentiev and Zenzinov; the other Directors were Vologodsky, a regional politician and head of the Omsk Provisional Siberian Government, General A.G. Boldyrev and the left Kadet Vinogradov.

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