Russell, Charles Taze

Russell, Charles Taze

Russell, Charles Taze, 1852-1916, founder of the movement whose followers are known as Russellites, as Bible Students, and (since 1931) as Jehovah's Witnesses, b. Pittsburgh, Pa. There he predicted (1872) the second coming of Christ and the millennium. In 1878 he organized his followers as an independent church. His teachings were spread through the Watch Tower, which Russell began to publish in 1879. In 1909 he moved his headquarters to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, New York City. Russell was involved in scandals, which somewhat tarnished his reputation, but his sect, nonetheless, flourished. His writings are contained in a series of books under the title Millennial Dawn (6 vol., 1886-1904).
Russell is an English, Irish, or Scottish name derived from old French, the old French word for Red was rouse; hence the carry over from French the English Russell, the name also derives from the animal, the fox. Its uses include:



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English Whig family

Members of this family have held the title of Earl of Bedford since the 16th century, and Duke of Bedford since the late 17th century.

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New Zealand

  • Russell, New Zealand, formerly Kororareka
  • Okiato or Old Russell, the first capital of New Zealand and known as Russell in the early 1840s when present-day Russell was still known as Kororareka

Solomon Islands

United States of America

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  • Five ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Russell
  • Two ships of the United States Navy have been named USS Russell

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