Rushin Ballet

Rushin' Ballet

Rushin' Ballet is a 1937 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas. It was the 154th Our Gang short (155th episode, 66th talking short, and 67th talking episode) that was released.


Our Gang members Alfalfa and Spanky form the Sekret Revengers Club, dedicated to protecting such smaller, more vulnerable children as Buckwheat and Porky. When Buckwheat and Porky report that their marbles have been stolen by bullies Butch and Woim, Alfalfa and Spanky vow to retrieve the marbles. Alas, Butch and Woim prove to be more formidable than expected, forcing the two Sekret Revengers to run for their lives. Everything comes together during a ballet recital, in which Alfalfa, dressed in ballerina drag, finds himself at the mercy of "mystery dancer" Butch. In the end they do get the marbles back for the younger boys.


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