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Fancy Lala

is a magical girl anime series produced by Studio Pierrot in 1998. A two-volume manga adaptation by Rurika Kasuga ran in Ribon. The original designs were created by Akemi Takada, who worked on many of the 80's Studio Pierrot series. The anime series has been licensed for English release by Bandai Entertainment, but the manga is not available outside of Japan.

Plot summary

One day, nine-year old girl Miho Shinohara is given two stuffed dinosaurs by a stranger. The stuffed dinosaurs come to life and present her with a magic sketchbook and pen. Within limits, and subject to varying degrees of control, she can draw in the sketchbook and bring the drawings to life. Miho can also transform into a teenage girl, whom she names Fancy Lala. Fancy Lala is scouted by Yumi Haneishi, the president of the talent agency Lyrical Productions, and begins the long road to stardom.


Main cast

A nine-year old girl, Miho dreams of one day drawing manga. After Mystery Man gives her Pigu and Mogu, they in turn give her a magical pen and sketchbook, which allow her to transform into a 15-year old girl who she names Fancy Lala. Fancy Lala is scouted by Yumi Haneishi of Lyrical Productions, and gradually follows the path to stardom.
Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Chris Simms (English)
A pink dinosaur who accompanies Miho Shinohara.
A blue dinosaur who accompanies Miho Shinohara.
A mysterious person who gave Miho Shinohara Pigu and Mogu. He often advises Miho/Fancy Lala.
A popular idol, Hiroya is Miho Shinohara's love-interest, and Fancy Lala's mentor.
The president of Lyrical Productions, who represent Fancy Lala. She was once married to Kishi, the guitarist of Hiroya Aikawa's band, and has a son named Tappei.
An employee at Lyrical Productions, and Fancy Lala's manager.
The neighbour and classmate of Miho Shinohara, they often fight(often like a old married couple), but cares about her. He is also the cousin of Miki Yumeno. He seems to have a romantic interest in Miho.
A popular idol, Miki is Fancy Lala's main rival. She is also the cousin of Taro Yoshida.

Supporting cast

Miho Shinohara's teacher.
An employee at Lyrical Productions.
Komiyama is Fancy Lala's stylist. It is hinted in the last episode that he knows more about what is going on than meets the eye.
A classmate of Miho Shinohara.
Miho Shinohara's older sister.
Miho Shinohara's mother, she works as a TV producer, and is often away from home.
Miho Shinohara's father, he works as a paleontologist, and mostly works at home.
An employee at Lyrical Productions.
Miho Shinohara's classmate, and closest friend, she dreams of becoming an actress.


Fancy Lala is a complete remake of an earlier Studio Pierrot OVA titled Harbor Light Monogatari Fashion Lala Yori. It was also influenced by Mahō no Tenshi Creamy Mami, the story of a nine-year-old Japanese girl granted the power to transform who also became an idol.

Episode List

Episode # Title Transformation Outfit Original Airdate
1 "Miho's Spectacular Transformation"
「みほ、華麗なる変身!」 (Miho, Karei Naru Henshin)
2 "Lala's Debut in Harajuku"
「ララの原宿デビュー!」 (Rara no Harajuku Debyū!)
3 "The Heart-Pounding TV Appearance!"
「どきどきテレビ出演!」 (Dokidoki Terebi Shutsuen)
4 "A Double Date on Sunday!"
「ダブルデートの日曜日」 (Daburudēto no Nichiyōbi)
5 "A Busy Day for Miho and Lala!"
「みほとララの多忙な一日」 (Miho to Rara no Tabōna Ichinichi)
6 "Lala's a Rival?"
「ララはライバル?」 (Rara wa Raibaru?)
7 "The Terrifying Care Duty for Mokko"
「恐怖のモッコ当番」 (Kyōbu no Mokko Tōban)
8 "Kitten Lilu and the Secret of the Magic!"
「チビ猫リルと魔法のひみつ」 (Chibi Neko Riru to Mahō no Himitsu)
9 "There's No Way I Can Be a Singer!"
「歌手になんてなれない!」 (Kashu ni Nante Narenai!)
10 "The CD Release Campaign Disaster!"
「すったもんだのキャンペーン」 (Suttamonda no Kyampēn)
mermaid suit,fortuon tellers outfit
11 "The Spectacular Pinch Hitter!"
「華麗なるピンチヒッター」 (Karei Naru Pinchihittā)
12 "Who Are You?"
「あなたはだあれ?」 (Anata wa Daare?)
13 "The Lala and Hiroya Scandal!"
「ララとひろやのスキャンダル」 (Rara to Hiroya no Sukyandaru)
14 "Miho in Toyland!"
「おもちゃの国のみほ」 (Omocha no Kuni no Miho)
15 "The Dream Will Never End"
「その夢は終わらない」 (Sono Yume wa Owaranai)
16 "Miho's First Journey Alone!"
「みほの最初の一人旅」 (Miho no Saisho no Hitoritabi)
17 "The Day the Water Imp Appeared!"
「カッパが出てきた日」 (Kappa ga Detekita Hi)
18 "Lala is a Cupid!"
「ララは恋のキューピッド」 (Rara wa Koi no Kyūpiddo)
19 "Something Chisa Left Behind"
「お姉ちゃんの忘れ物」 (Onēchan no Wasuremono)
20 "Together With Mom?!"
「お母さんと一緒?!」 (Okāsan to Issho?!)
21 "Mr. Asaka's Girlfriend?!"
「朝霞先生の恋人?」 (Asaka Sensei no Koibito?)
22 "The Scoop! Lala’s Identity Revealed!"
「スクープ!ララの正体」 (Sukūpu! Rara no Shōtai)
23 "My Sister’s Boyfriend"
「お姉ちゃんのボーイフレンド」 (Onēchan no Bōifurendo)
24 "Lala's First Concert"
「ララのファーストコンサート」 (Rara no Fāsuto Konsāto)
25 "Lala Has Vanished!"
「消えてしまったララ」 (Kieteshimatta Rara)
26 "I Love You All!"
「みんな大好き!」 (Minna Daisuki!)

Impact and influence

Although Fancy Lala did not achieve huge success upon release in Japan (Cardcaptor Sakura was on a high and leaving every other magical girl show in its wake), some of its influence can be seen in later series that also failed to achieve massive success. Examples of these would be Chance Pop Session and the more successful Full Moon o Sagashite.


Fancy Lala was licensed by Bandai Entertainment for English release in 2001, and dubbed at Blue Water Studios. The series has been released on DVD, but is only distributed in region 1 outside of Japan. The series was also aired across Animax's various international networks worldwide, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

A Filipino version was also broadcasted over ABC 5 in the Philippines. It was also licensed and dubbed for Italian release by Merak Film. In Portugal, Fancy Lala was licensed to Canal Panda, who dubbed it into Portuguese and broadcast it from 2003 to the end of 2004.


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