Rumors (Lindsay Lohan song)

Over (Lindsay Lohan song)

"Over" is a song by American pop singer Lindsay Lohan. It was written by Lohan, Kara DioGuardi, and John Shanks, and produced by DioGuardi and Shanks for Lohan's debut album Speak. The track was released on April 25, 2005 as the second single of the album.

Chart performance

"Over" was less successful than her earlier single ("Rumors") in the United States (even though it charted five spots higher), but it did well in other countries, especially Ireland. It also reached top 30 in Australia (#27) and many other countries. In Indonesia, the song didn't receive any radio airplay, the video wasn't even aired on television.

This was also her first single in the UK, so far it is the only single she has released there. Lack of promotion could explain the lack of chart success in the UK.

Music video

The video was directed by Jake Nava. It is influenced by the 1999 Academy Award-winning movie American Beauty, and describes the lead character feeling down of a boyfriend. Lohan's character longs for the mistreated boy-next-door, watching him through her window. The video features model-turned-actor Drew Fuller as Lohan's boyfriend. The video shows the ups and downs of her and Fuller's relationship and Lohan reflecting on it.

The video begins with Lohan walking towards her house in a suburb, and stealing a glance at her boyfriend, who lives next door. His father apparently does not want them to see each other, so he closes the curtain and begins to argue violently with his son. Lohan gets angry at this and returns to her house. In her bedroom, she sees her lover looking at her from his bedroom. She smiles, intensely happy to see him. Next, he is seen destroying his father's car in the garage. The next morning, both Lohan and Fuller make intimate love in his RV. That night, at an outdoor party, Lohan and her boyfriend look very cozy with each other. Everyone is shocked when Fuller's father shows up to the party, enraged. His father tells him once again he is forbidden from going out with Lohan and orders him to come home immediately. The two walk away, turning their back on Lohan, who is in tears. Later that night at Lohan's house, we see her in nightclothes, at the fridge. She is surprised to see her boyfriend looking at her from outside her house, telling her to run away with him. With the company of a couple of friends, they sit in their cars on an empty lot. His father shows up again, and Fuller faces him. Furious, his father pushes him fiercely to the ground, while Lohan is horrified. Fuller tells her that their relationship will not work. With Lohan in her room sobbing, the video ends with her lover turning off the lights in his room. Throughout the video, we see Lohan singing with her own band in the garage.

Track listings

Maxi single

  1. "Over" 3:36
  2. "Over" [Full Phatt Remix] 3:39
  3. "To Know Your Name" 3:19
  4. "Over" [Video]


Chart Position
Ireland Singles Chart 19
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 27
Germany Singles Chart 40
UK Singles Chart 27
Austrian Singles Top 75 49
Swiss Singles Top 100 52
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 101


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