Ruddy Rodriguez

Ruddy Rodríguez

Ruddy Rosario Rodríguez de Lucía (born March 20, 1967) is a Venezuelan actress, model and Businesswoman. Born in Anaco, Anzoátegui, daughter of Venezuelan Pedro José Rodríguez and Italian Rita de Lucía. She has a brother Romano and a sister Rina.


Rodriguez took her first acting classes in 1983 in Taller Nacional de Teatro (National Theater Workshop) and Fundación Rajatabla.

She was first runner up in the Miss Venezuela competition in 1985 and was the Venezuelan representative in the 1985 Miss World, where she finished up as third runner up. Before entering the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, she was a swimming instructor.

For one year Rodriguez was host of Telemundo programs: "Super Cine con Ruddy Rodríguez" (Super movie with Ruddy Rodríguez), "Fiesta del Sol" (Sun Party), and "Miss Hispanidad" (Miss Hispanity) in Miami. She also has been host in Venezuela TV Programs: "De Moda" (Televen) and "El Cafe de Rudy" (RCTV).

In 1991 she recorded a pop musical album: Espejismo (Mirage). , which includes songs such as: "Me enamoré"(I felt in love), "Sembrándome amor" (Seed me love), "Es un sueño" (It's a dream), "No quiero caminar sobre fuego" (I don't want to walk on fire), "Dime qué signo eres tu" (Tell me your zodiac sign), "Y ahora es que regresa" (And now is your return), "Aqui esta lo bueno" (Here is the good thing), "Baila esta pesadilla"(Dance this nightmare), "Lo tengo todo" (I have everything), "¿No lo sabias?" (Didn't you know?).

The author of all songs of the album "Espejismo" (mirage) was Ruddy La Scala , except one: ¿No lo sabías? (Didn't you know?), whose author was: Alberto Barnet.

Rodriguez made several musical presentations in Venezuela, Romania, United States, Ecuador, Peru.

Ruddy Rodríguez appeared in the musical video "Bésame" (Kiss me) of Ricardo Montaner and had a short appearance in the musical video "Tengo todo excepto a ti" (I have everything except you) of Luis Miguel.

She made 4 calendars (1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995) , being the first Venezuelan actress whose calendars were sold in other countries: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Russia. In 1994 a video known as "Ruddy 95" was produced by a Puerto Rican company, she traveled to different places: Singapore, Hong Kong, Cairo, London, Moscow, Japan, Puerto Rico, Peru, etc., pictures of Rodriguez taken at these places were included in her 1995 calendar.

Ruddy Rodriguez 1993 calendar was #1 top selling product by Telemarketing of Telemundo broadcasting Hispanic television network.

Her image is so popular, because she has appeared in hundreds TV commercials of different products.

Rodríguez considers Colombia as her second (adoptive) country.

Humanitarian recognitions

On November 8, 2005 she was officially recognized by "Friends of UNICEF" for her continuous support of its mission.

The Venezuela Independence Festival organized by Dade and Hialeah counties established July 31, 2005 as "Ruddy Rodríguez Official Day".

After the 1999 Vargas mudslides, a natural disaster in Venezuela, Rodríguez was one of the first Venezuelan actresses, who started collecting in Miami food, medicine, clothes and other goods to be sent to her needed countrymen and countrywomen.

On March 2007, The City of Panama officially recognized Ruddy Rodríguez as "Illustrious Visitor".


She once promoted a line of swim suits. Rodriguez is now promoting her own line of cosmetics. She has opened five stores: two in Caracas, one in Valencia, one in Ciudad Guayana and one in Bogotá known as "Ruddy Rodríguez Cosmetics". More stores are planned for Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Miami.

Her website domain name was created (or registered the first time) on July 9, 1998.

Telenovelas and TV series

Ruddy Rodriguez is a popular actress in telenovelas (Latin American TV soap opera) and TV special series.

  • "Enamorada" (In love) 1986 Venezuela.
  • "La Luna Tambien" (The Moon Too) 1987 Venezuela.
  • "Immensamente tuya" (Immensely Yours) 1987 Venezuela.
  • "Niña Bonita" (Pretty Girl) 1988 Venezuela.
  • "Las Ibañez" 1989 Colombia.
  • "El Magnate" (The Magnate) 1989–1990 Crucilla, USA.
  • "Mala Mujer" (Bad Woman) 1991 Peru.
  • "Volver a Ti" (Back to you) 1991 Colombia.
  • "La Mujer Doble" (The Double Woman) 1992 Colombia.
  • "Pasiones Secretas" (Secret Passions) 1992-1993 Colombia. This was her first Telenovela broadcasted in the USA. During the filming of this telenovela, actress Ruddy Rodríguez and actor Danilo Santos had a romance in real life, their passion was translated into the screen.
  • "Amores de Fin de Siglo" (Loves of End of Century) 1994–1995 Venezuela. She performed the character of Lejana San Miguel.
  • "Flor de Oro" (Golden Flower) 1995-1996 Colombia.
  • "Aguamarina" (Aquamarine) 1997 Fonovideo production Miami, USA.
  • "Amantes de Luna Llena" (Full Moon Lovers) 2000 Venezuela.
  • "El inútil" (The Good-For-Nothing) 2001 Colombia. She performed the character of Rubiela Salcedo.
  • "Todo o Nada" (All or Nothing) Puerto Rico
  • "Guayoyo Express" Venezuela.
  • "Brigada Central" (Central Brigade) Venezuela.
  • "Maria Lionza" 2006 Venezuela.
  • "Natalia de 8 a 9" (Natalie from 8 to 9) 2004 Venezuela.
  • "Ser bonita no basta" (Being Pretty is not Enough) 2005 Venezuela. She portrayed herself as a cosmetic businesswoman.
  • "La ex" (The Ex, or,The Former Wife) 2006–2007 Colombia. She performed a double character: Amanda Otero and Miranda.
  • "Amas de casas desesperadas" (Latin American version of "Desperate Housewives") 2006-2007 Colombia-Argentina. She performed the character of Eugenia (Bree).
  • "Mujeres Asesinas" (Killer Women) 2007 Colombia.
  • "Tiempo Final" (Final Time) 2007 Colombia.
  • "La novela del Cholito" 2007 Ecuador.
  • "Cómplice" 2008 Bogota.


Rodríguez had a short appearance (45 seconds) in the 1987 James Bond film: The Living Daylights

She also appeared in the movies :

  • "Bésame Mucho" (Kiss me Forever) 1994. Directed by Phillip Toledano. It was a Mexico-Venezuela-Colombia production.
  • "Contacto en Caracas" (Contact in Caracas) 1988. Directed by Phillip Toledano. It was French Production.
  • "La Guerra Blanche" (Blanche War) 1991. It was a France-Spain production.
  • "Amaneció de Golpe" (Coup at daybreak) 1998 directed by Carlos Azpúrua. It was a Spain-Venezuela production.
  • "Sin Amparo" (Without Amparo) 2004 directed by Jaime Osorio. It was a Venezuela-Colombia-Spain production.
  • "Francisco de Miranda" 2005 directed by Diego Rísquez.
  • "La Ministra Inmoral" (The Immoral Minister) 2007 - Colombia.

There were many critics about the Venezuelan movie: Francisco de Miranda

After the 1987 The Living Daylights film, Rodriguez rejected several propositions for nude photographs for Playboy magazine. In 1999 she had agreed (for the first time) to make a nude scene in a Venezuelan movie production, but at the last minute she was the last person to know she was no longer in the movie director's plans


Before entering 1985 Miss Venezuela, Rodriguez performed small theater roles.

Since 1999 she has performing a monologue: "Una mujer con suerte" (A Lucky Woman) , written by her brother Romano. This monologue has been presented in Venezuela , Colombia , Panama , Miami , Argentina , Ecuador She hopes to translate this monologue into English in the future.


Regardless her only short appearance in a Hollywood movie was in the 1987 James Bond film: The Living Daylights, Rodríguez said she will try to start a career in Hollywood

Twenty years of artistic career

Because of Ruddy Rodríguez's 20 years of artistic career, a party in her honor was organized at the Gavanna Night Club in Bogotá, Colombia on July 12, 2006. There were about 200 invitees from Colombia, Venezuela and Miami; at this party, she stated that her career as a telenovela actress was coming to an end on September 2006 after the taping of the last episode of the Colombian telenovela "La Ex" ("The Ex," or, "The Former Wife") was filmed. But after that date, she has since filmed several more telenovelas.


Since 1999 Ruddy Rodriguez has been a dedicated Scientologist. She was introduced to it by her brother Romano (a staff member associate with the ship Freewinds), and her friend Diana Pedroni.

She is an active member of the Fundación "El camino a la felicidad" (The Way to Happiness Foundation International), which promotes the booklet "The way (road) to happiness" , written by the founder of the Church of Scientology: L. Ronald Hubbard.

Rodriguez has attended several worldwide scientology conferences and has met with other well-known scientologists such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

In August 5 2006, actress Ruddy Rodrigiez visited the headquarter of "The way to happiness" in Glendale, California and latter attended the 37th anniversary gala at the Celebrity Centre International established by the Church of Scientology in Hollywood. The guest list at this event included many of the Church's best-known members, including: John Travolta, Anne Archer, Kelly Preston, Leah Remini, Priscilla Presley, Nancy Cartwright, Mark Isham, Jenna Elfman, Giovanni Ribisi, Sofia Milos, Jason Dohring, Bodhi Elfman and others. ,

In October 6, 2006, Rodriguez attended a meeting of the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) in London

In August 4 2007, actress Ruddy Rodriguez attended the 38th anniversary gala at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood

In October 26-27, 2007, Rodriguez attended a meeting of the International Association of Scientologists(IAS) in London.

Personal life

Although Rodriguez was born in Anaco, she grew up in Caracas where at the age of 15 she had her first boyfriend, her first kiss and her first sexual experience.

In 1985 after the Miss World Beauty Contest, she insisted on traveling to Italy in order to know her grandfather. She traveled with her brother Romano to Savinno, Naples in Italy and met their grandfather. Before their return, her grandfather said to her: porta a mia mamma perche io parto ad un lungo viaggio (Bring your mother, because I am going in a long trip), Ruddy went back to Venezuela, worked in her first telenovela, saved enough money and together with her mother Rita visited Italy again, stayed for 15 days and celebrated Ruddy's grandfather's 96th birthday. He died in peace the next day

In July 1995 she married to Rodolfo Pisan, a Venezuelan lawyer They separated in 2005 and finally divorced on July 3, 2006, after more than ten years of marriage.

At the beginning of 2006 there were tabloid rumors about a romance with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and a planned wedding on his birthday (July 28, 2006). Both have denied such rumors.

After a decade of being just friends, since November 2006 actress Ruddy Rodriguez is living a romance with Colombian rejoneador Juan Rafael Restrepo Bello

Because Ruddy and her sister Rina are look-alikes, when Rina was pregnant, many people mistakenly talked about Ruddy Rodriguez pregnacy

Her current manager is again Haik Gazarian (her first former manager and former boyfriend of 7 years). She says this time their current relationship is "non-sexual, only professional".

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