The Rubido family of Madrid originated in Castile, was influential in their region during the Middle Ages and became ennobled during the 17th century.

The Croatian branch of that family came to Croatia in the first half of the 19th century. Count Antun Rubido de Zagorie (1817-1863) came to Croatia from Madrid in the first half of the 19th century (Related to Don Sebastian Rubido from Santiago de Compostela). He was counsel vicegerent and a major in the Habsburg army, under command of Ban Josip Jelacic. Antun's wife, Countess Sidonija Rubido Erdödy (1819-1884) was Croatia's first opera primadona and an important member of the Illyrian movement. In 1858 she was the first to sing the Croatian anthem from her castle in Zagorje. She started a primary school in Gornja Rijeka by initiating the building of a new school. Today the primary school in Gornja Rijeka carries her name. Ivan Peklic wrote a book on her life - "Sidonija Rubido Erdody: Prva Hrvatska Primadona". The other family that carries the name Rubido in Croatia are a related but failing line.

Lord Radoslav Rubido (b.1847) was župan (prefect) of the Varaždin county, Croatia. He took the name of his wife calling himself Rubido-Zichy. Baron Ivan Rubido Zichy (1874-1964) was a diplomat being the Royal Hungarian Minister to the Court of St. James's 1924-1932. He was married to the Countess Erzsébet Zichy (first marriage) and the Countess Gizella Apponyi (second marriage). Ivan Baron Rubido-Zichy de Zagorje et Zich (1908-1995 Buenos Aires) m.Princess Senta-Maria Edith Franziska.

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