A rubberdoll is a person that has been changed to the existent that there is no or very little of the outer body not covered in latex or pvc. The latex or pvc is so skin tight or layered that all normal body features of the person (skin, eyes, etc..) are covered.


Special rubber items can be worn, such as:

  • Feminine masks, which when put on hides your face with special fake eyes. The wearer can see out of it, yet gives the impression of being made of rubber.
  • Rubber genitalia, which is put on over the groin rubber which resembles a woman’s or man's genitalia
  • Rubber boobs, which are fake boobs that are filled with water or air until it at its largest size or the size the Dominant or Mistress wants. If one or both is squeezed the air puts pressure on the chest, giving the wearer similar sensations to that of a females'.

Rubberists, subs, crossdressers and slaves, are some of the people that may become rubberdolls. There are many reasons for choosing to become a rubberdoll.

  • Dominants and Mistresses. Some mistresses believe that turning a sub into a rubberdoll is a good form of fetish control, the sub is denied of their own appearance.
  • Submissives and slaves. In some parts of BDSM a dominant or mistress may have more than one sub at a time. Some may want to crossdress a male sub into a female and vice versa. One method is to strip and blindfold the sub, tying his genitals up and hence denying him of erection. Ben wa balls are placed up his ass, along a latex bodysuit and rubber boobs. They are filled with air and connected to prevent them falling off. The rubber genitalia and a mask with a feminine face is attached and tightened. The blindfold is taken off and the mask tightened. Female clothing may also be worn to emphasize the feminine look.
  • Crossdressers. Some crossdressers revert to being a rubberdoll because it is is one of the closest ways to feel like and look like the other sex because of the add-ons.
  • Rubberists. Some rubberists feel that being a rubberdoll is one of the best ways of closing off your normal world as you are a different sex and look different as a rubberdoll so you can act differently without damaging your normal image

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Rubberdollism has grown and is recognized by many of the bdsm and fetish world. Rubberdoll world parties and meetings are held.

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References the easy hand book to bdsm by mistress fraya

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