Rowten Pot

Rowten Pot

Rowten Pot is one of several hill top entrances into the West Kingsdale System in North Yorkshire, England. It connects into the Kingsdale Master Cave through a sump which is possible, though not recommended, to free-dive.

The cave is a popular site for practicing Single Rope Technique, being spacious and relatively complex to rig for a surface shaft. Most of the cave is within sight of daylight with relatively little horizontal development.

The water which falls down Rowten Pot sinks into the ground 150m to the west of the pot on the other side of Turbary Road. This minor horizontal stream system, known as Rowten Cave, is "safe for children to play in", according to Alfred Wainwright.

In 1939 a fatal accident had prompted BBC Radio to broadcast a request for help from all potholers. The first fatality for the Cave Rescue Organisation on a rescue occurred here in 1986. An accident involving a threaded and worn out anchor in 1990 resulting in a broken back hastened the development of eco hangers

Other nearby caves include Swinsto Hole, Simpson's Pot, Jingling Pot, and Valley Entrance.


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