Rots of ruck!

Ruck Zuck (game show)

Ruck Zuck is the German version of the short-lived USA game show Hot Streak. It premiered on January 11, 1988, and ended on October 20, 2000. Like its American counterpart, the series was packaged by Reg Grundy's Worldwide television empire. During its 1990s run Tele 5, in its original incarnation, ran the show.

Over time, the show has had several hosts: Werner Schulze-Erdel, Jochen Bendel, and Matthias Euler-Rolle.


The game is played the same as US Hot Streak. Two teams of five players each, men vs. women competed. The leader of the team (which changes after every round), is given a choice of two words to choose from. The other team gets the unchosen word. The remaining players are wearing headphones that have music piped in them so they cannot hear what's going on. The object of the game is to describe the word to the next person in line, and then to the next person and so on. However, if at any time, a player describing the word, repeats a keyword or phrase that was already used to describe the word, their half of the round stops, and the scoring ends. For each successful transaction, the team scores points. The round lasts for 40 seconds.


  • First three rounds - 1 point
  • Round 4 - 3 points


The team with the most points at the end of the game wins, and then goes on to play the bonus round for the big money. In the event of a tie at the end of the fourth round, a tiebreaker round is played. The champion is shown a word. The captain can either play or pass the word. If they play, they must describe it all the way down the line in order to win. If they pass, the other team must do the same, otherwise, they lose.

Bonus Round

In the bonus game, the host gave the team captain a word or phrase. The player gives the four words that the partners can think of associated with the word. While this is going on, the remaining teammates are wearing the headphones so they cannot hear just like in the main game. When that is all done, the players are brought out, and are given 20 seconds (five seconds per player) to say as many words as they can think of relating to the topic word, in hopes of saying the same words that the captain stated earlier. Each correct match wins the team money.


  • Round 1 - DM50 (€25)
  • Round 2 - DM100 (€51)

In the last round, the team must say ALL four words that the captain said to win four times the money for a maximum total of DM2400 (€1227). The winning team plays until defeated or has won six games. A team's sixth bonus round was played with only one word, with four correct answers winning a team DM50,000 (€25,564).

Kinder Ruck Zuck

Due to the success of the show, producers decided to make a kid's version of Ruck Zuck called Kinder Ruck Zuck. This version was hosted by Désirée Nosbusch. It featured German kids as contestants. Other than that it was played the same way as the adult version except that the kids were playing for a trip to Euro Disneyland.


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