Ronin Publishing

Ronin Publishing

Ronin Publishing, Inc., is a small press in Berkeley, California, founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1985, which publishes books as tools for personal development, visionary alternatives, and expanded consciousness. Ronin Publishing, Inc., has a long list of books which fall into several categories. These include The Leary Library, The Lilly Library, Life Skills with Attitude!, The Fringe Series, The EnthroSpirituality Series, and Psychedelia.

The Leary Library includes the following books by Timothy Leary:

  • The Politics of Ecstacy
  • High Priest
  • Chaos & CyberCulture
  • Turn On Tune In Drop Out
  • Psychedelic Prayers
  • Politics of Self-Determination
  • Your Brain is God
  • Politics of PsychoPharmacology
  • Change Your Brain
  • Start Your Own Religion
  • Evolutionary Agents
  • Musings on Human Metamorphoses
  • The Fugitive Philosopher

Chris Pramas' Ronin Publishing

Now defunct, Ronin Publishing was a small company that published fantasy role playing games supplements including :

Mortal Magic, for The Whispering Vault, was also prepared by the company, but it was not printed. It is now available as a pdf file from Ronin Arts.

The founder, Chris Pramas, dissolved Ronin Publishing in order to create Green Ronin Publishing.

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