Ron Luce

Ron Luce

Ron Luce is the co-founder and president of Teen Mania Ministries located in Garden Valley, Texas. Together with his wife Katie, Ron founded Teen Mania in 1986 in his van. The ministry has expanded greatly and has become influential within today's Christian youth culture. Each year, thousands of young people travel with Teen Mania around the world to spread their views on the Gospel of Jesus. Luce also hosts weekend Acquire the Fire youth rallies and ministry clinics in large venues nationwide, many attracting tens of thousands of teens and youth workers. He also hosts a weekly TV show, Acquire the Fire, telecast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and other Christian television stations. Training and ministry experience is provided for young adults wishing to enter into youth (and other) ministries, as interns in the Honor Academy. Luce expanded his operations in 2005 by starting the Battle Cry Campaign. Some have criticized his organization, citing frequent militant statements by him such as: "This is war. And Jesus invites us to get into the action, telling us that the violent—the ‘forceful’ ones—will lay hold of the kingdom," and exhorting his young followers to proclaim in unison: "I will keep my eyes on the battle, submitting to Your code even when I don't understand.

Luce has also publicly condemned "purveyors of popular culture" as "the enemy," who according to Luce are "terrorists, virtue terrorists, that are destroying our kids... they're raping virgin teenage America on the sidewalk, and everybody's walking by and acting like everything's OK. And it's just not OK." This type of imagery is said to be used under the context of a spiritual "battle" between good and evil.

Luce has been named as one of the leaders of an upcoming statewide youth rally in support of California Proposition 8, an initiative that would constitutionally prohibit same-sex marriage in California.

Luce was raised in a broken home and became involved in drug and alcohol abuse while living with his father. Luce was taken in by a Pastor Craft and his family, under whose roof he became a Christian at age 16. He then committed his life to inspiring young people to following Jesus. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology and Theology from Oral Roberts University and his Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tulsa. In 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush appointed him to the White House Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities, on which he served until 2004. Luce joined the board of trustees of Oral Roberts University in January 2008.

Published works

Luce has written or co-written a number of books:

  • Battlecry for a Generation
  • Battlecry for My Generation
  • Guard Your Heart
  • It's Only a Tattoo
  • Power of One
  • When Teens Pray

Other recent works by Luce include the "Over the Edge" devotional series, and the "Rise Up," "Dig In," "Band Together," "Move Out," and "Double Vision" curricula associated with the Battle Cry Campaign.


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