Romanians in Bulgaria

Romanians in Bulgaria

The Romanian minority in Bulgaria is concentrated in the northwestern part of the country, in Vidin Province, Vratsa Province and Pleven Province. They speak the Oltenian variety of the Romanian language. The Romanians from the Vidin Province are separated into 2 main groups: the "Dunăreni" (who live around the Danube river) and the "Pădureni" (who lived in the higher placed regions with many woods). In southwestern Bulgaria lives also a very small Aromanian population, such as in the village Peshtera. The territory where the Romanians from Bulgaria live never belonged to Romania and most of them declare themselves "vlasi" (= Vlachs) when asked in Bulgarian (e.g. on the census), though they use the self-designation "rumân" (= Rumanians) in their language. The Romanians in Bulgaria are not recognized as a national minority, but as en ethnic group and they don't enjoy ethnic rights in schools and churches since the Interwar period.

Census figures

1881 49,070  
1887 75,235  
1905 89,847 79,910
1910 96,502 81,272
1920 75,065 66,944
1926 83,746 69,080
1934   16,504
1938   1,511
2001 10,566 1,088

  1. The 2001 census shows 10,566 Vlachs. Most of the Vlachs (Romanians) are Romanian-speakers, but the figure includes some Aromanian-speakers as well.

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  • Gheorghe Zbuchea, Cezar Dobre, "Românii timoceni", Bucharest, 2005 ISBN 973-86782-2-6

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