Romanian Naval Forces

Romanian Naval Forces

The Romanian Navy (Romanian: Forţele Navale Române) is the navy branch of the Romanian Armed Forces; it operates in the Black Sea.

Current Status

The Romanian Navy includes three frigates: Mărăşeşti, Regele Ferdinand and Regina Maria. Mărăşeşti used to be the flagship of the Romanian Navy since 1976 until 2004 when Regele Ferdinand (formerly HMS Coventry) became the new flagship. The navy also contains 4 large corvettes as its main force, along with many auxiliary ships and fluvial patrol boats. With the acquisition of the 2 Type 22 frigates Regele Ferdinand and Regina Maria (formerly HMS London), the Romanian Navy has grown to be equal in size with the navy of New Zealand (a country with considerably more coastline than Romania).

After the restructuring of the Romanian Armed Forces (planned for 2007), ca. 6,800 men and women serve in the Romanian Navy. The main base of the Romanian Navy is located at Constanţa. The current chief of the Romanian Navy is Rear Admiral Dorin Dănilă.

The Romanian Naval Forces ordered 3 IAR 330 Puma Naval helicopters, the last one should be commissioned early 2008. The helicopter is in a similar configuration to those of the Romanian Air Force, including the SOCAT upgrade package, the Navy Pumas also have flotation gear fitted under the nose and main undercarriage fairings. After completing factory tests and sea trials , they will be operated from Navy frigates for search and rescue, medevac and maritime surveillance missions.


Sea Fleet

Frigates (FFG)

Light Frigates (FFL)

Patrol Corvettes

  • Naluca (Epitrop) class torpedo boats - 3
  • Zborul (Molniya/Tarantul-I) class missile corvettes - 3

Mine Warfare

  • miners - 1
  • minesweepers - 4

Auxiliary Ships

Decommissioned ships

Land equipment

Anti-ship missiles

  • P-20M mobile launching systems;

River Fleet

  • 14 main river ships

Ranks and insignia

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