Roland AX-1

Roland AX-1

The Roland AX-1 is a keytar (a shoulder-held clavier keyboard worn like a guitar), produced by Roland, that does not produce its own sounds but controls other devices (such as keyboards, sound modules and samplers) via MIDI.


  • Henrik Klingenberg of metal band Sonata Arctica plays an AX-1.
  • More recently, Jake Hallman, pianist for Eric Lee Beddingfield and County Line was seen playing an AX-1 at several live shows, a rarity in Country and Southern Rock Music.
  • French Maestro Jean-Michel Jarre has used the AX-1 both the black (with customised lower octave having reversed colour keys) and also the red version during his Europe in Concert tour back in 1993.
  • Imogen Heap, formerly of British Pop duo Frou Frou, sported an AX-1 while touring with Frou Frou and on her solo tours.
  • Branden E. Cate of the North Idaho alternative rock band, UNISON, frequently uses a red AX-1 with a flame sticker in concert.
  • Chris Marion of classic rock band Little River Band has used an AX-1 since it was commercially released in the 80's.
  • Madonna Wayne Gacy, former keyboardist of Marilyn Manson, played a customized AX-1 with sections spray painted black live during the Dead to the World tour.
  • Simon Kvamm, of the Danish group Nephew, used the black AX-1 during the 07.07.2007 concert in Roskilde Festival in Denmark.
  • Janne Warman, of the Finnish band Children of Bodom, used an AX-1 onstage. Now he uses some synths, such as from Korg.

  • Haruko Momoi performs on stage and in pictures with the AX-1.

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