Roger Noll


Noll is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Chuck Noll (born 1932), former American football player and coach
  • Greg Noll (born 1937), also known as "Da Bull", big wave surfing pioneer
  • Ingrid Noll (born 1935), a German thriller writer
  • João Gilberto Noll (born 1946) Brazilian writer
  • John F. Noll (1875 - 1956), bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Kip Noll (born 1958), American pornographic actor in gay pornographic movies and magazines in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Landon Curt Noll (born 1960), American mathematician, discoverer of two Mersenne prime numbers, and a Sunnyvale, California, politician
  • Lou B. ("Bink") Noll (1927-1986), American poet
  • Mark Noll (born 1946), American history professor and evangelical author
  • A. Michael Noll, American professor in engineering and telecommunications
  • Richard Noll (born 1959) American author and clinical psychologist
  • Roger Noll (born 1940), American economist
  • Shannon Noll (born 1975), Australian singer-songwriter
  • Walter Noll (born 1925), German-American mathematician

Noll, Daniel Born 1978

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