Rocketscience is a Boston-based power-pop / rock band, formed in 1998 by Weymouth, MA natives Andrew Galdins, Aaron Stein and John Barber. They were later joined in 1999 by guitarist Jon Towne. Their Beatles-influenced music with melodic hooks and further influences by Weezer and AC/DC helped get them to the finals of the 2000 WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble, losing only to Waltham and Rumble winners Darkbuster. They were later signed to a subsidiary of Warner Music, Offshore Records in summer of 2005. A single "Writer's Block" is featured on their last release, 2005's "Rocketscience" self-titled album featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on guest vocals. Aaron Stein left the band at the end of 2005. Rob Cushing stepped in to fill in bass duties in 2006. As of summer 2006, the band has been on hiatus but still give updates on their Myspace page.

The band was formerly managed by Frank Cimler of Tenth Street Management in New York City.


Year Title Label Cover
2005 Rocketscience Offshore Records
1999 A Girl's Name Here Vocal Lords LLC

Band members

Andy Galdins: Vocals, Guitar

Jon Towne: Guitar, Vocals

Rob Cushing (2006): Bass, Vocals

John Barber: Drums, Vocals

Former band members

Aaron Stein: Bass (1998-2005)

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