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Rocket Science (film)

Rocket Science is a 2007 comedy-drama film concerning high school debate. It stars Reece Thompson as Hal Hefner. The film opened in limited release in the United States on August 10, 2007. The film won the Dramatic Directing prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. It was written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz, the director of Spellbound. In regards to making a "teen film," Blitz was very specific in that he noted "the only way I was going to do a teen movie is if I felt like I could try to be more honest about what the actual experience of being a teenager is like.


Hal Hefner (Reece Thompson) is an ordinary and shy 15 year-old boy who's struggling to make it through the perils of high school. On top of his parents' recent divorce and an obsessive-compulsive, kleptomaniac older brother (Vincent Piazza), Hal has a stuttering problem. In spite of this speech impediment, the high school debate team star, Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick), invites Hal to join the team. Stumbling his way to the championship, Hal falls in love, gains confidence and ultimately, realizes that love and life should not be rocket science.


Real life connection

Like the character of Hal, director/writer Jeffrey Blitz also had a stutter when he was a teenager and joined his high school debate team.

DVD release

The DVD was released on January 29, 2008.Special features


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