Rochechouart (Rechoard in Occitan, earlier La Ròcha Choard) is a commune of France. It is located in the Haute-Vienne département, of which it is a sous-préfecture. The name of the town comes from Latin roca cavardi, which roughly translates as the rock of Cavardus, the lord who had the fortified place built at the beginning of the 11th century. More often than not, natives pronounce it ʀoˈʃwaʀ, not ʀɔʃəˈʃwaʀ].

Demographic evolution

  • 1962: 4.093
  • 1968: 4.059
  • 1975: 4.196
  • 1982: 4.053
  • 1990: 3.985
  • 1999: 3.667
  • 2006: 3.808

Inhabitants are known as Rochechouartais.

Places of interest

The Rochechouart crater is named after the city, and covers part of it.

The Château de Rochechouart was build in the 13th century.

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