Robotron 64

Robotron 64

Robotron 64 is a 1998 video game for the Nintendo 64.

As the name implies, it is a remake of Robotron 2084 (a classic arcade game made famous for its unique dual joystick control scheme). The game features 3D graphics which the original Robotron lacked. Actually to be more precise, Robotron 64 is actually a port of an updated version of Robotron called Robotron X. Robotron X was originally released for the PC and PlayStation in late 1996, and is essentially the same game as Robotron 64.

The player is a scientist trapped in another dimension trying to save the last human family. The player's character is actually a mutant with powers which allow him to defeat evil robots trying to kill all humans.

The original Robotron was noted for its novel two joystick control scheme (one stick moved the character while the other aimed and fired the weapon). This stays intact in the N64 version. The player can eithier play the game with two controllers and use the second controller to shoot, or the user may play with one controller using the C-buttons in the place of a second controller.

The game is also known for its high-energy rave style soundtrack, consisting of electronica and techno style music.

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