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Nao (robot)

Nao is an autonomous Humanoid robot, programmable and medium-sized, develop by the French company Aldebaran Robotics, a start-up which headquarters is located in Paris.

This little robot was presented to the public late 2006. Since August 15, 2007, Nao has become the standard platform for the Robocup, which describes itself as the World Cup of Robotics, replacing the robot dog Aibo Sony.


For now, six prototypes of the robots were designed : AL01, AL02, AL03, AL04, AL05a and AL05b

All of these prototypes are designed as part of the "Nao Project", aimed at marketing in the second half of 2009 a final version of the prototype AL06.


Height 57 cm
Degrees of freedom of movement 21 to 25
Communication Wi-Fi


Thanks to a computer (Linux, MacOS and Windows), it will be a programmable robot, using various languages including the language URBI and could learn many new behaviors, exchangeable between members of the community.

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